Vivian Chiang, DVM, DACVECC

Although driving in the snow is scary, it was worth it for Dr. Chiang to attend Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she received her DVM in 2007. She then dragged her poor cats down to Fort Lauderdale for her internship at Veterinary Specialists of South Florida in 2008. Finally, they all returned home to California for her E/CC residency at UC-Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital that finished 2011. Dr. Chiang subsequently received her board certification in Emergency and Critical Care later that year.

Dr. Chiang specializes in the management of critical patients, including those in respiratory distress and sepsis. Her areas of interest include the treatment of hypertensive encephalopathies and heatstroke patients. Her primary professional goal for the future is to continue providing the highest level of care to critically ill pets and helping their parents through a difficult time.

When not at work or playing with Indy, whom she dearly loves, Dr. Chiang enjoys yoga, hiking, and baking cookies. She is also learning to ride a bike and someday may be able to crochet something useful.



Dr. Chiang collects all things depicting owls. Who knew?