Sarah Miller, DVM, DACVIM

When dad’s a cardiologist, a child’s exposure to the world of medicine is inevitable. Add to that upbringing the love of multiple family pets, and it is no surprise that Dr. Miller chose a career in veterinary cardiology.

Dr. Miller received her undergraduate degree from DePauw University, where she was the field hockey team MVP and an All-American. She earned her DVM at The Ohio State University before completing her internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the Angell Memorial Animal Medical Center in Boston. As a resident at UC-Davis, she received the House Officer Seminar Day Award for resident research.

Dr. Miller was the first full-time board-certified veterinary cardiologist in Orange County. She started the Cardiology service at SCVSH, and uses medical and interventional measures to treat congestive heart failure and perform minimally invasive procedures, including the repair of congenital heart defects and the implantation of pacemakers.

Among colleagues, Dr. Miller is highly regarded for her work using minimally invasive techniques to close patent ductus arteriosus (PDAs) from the carotid artery in very small dogs. She recently attended a live 3D echocardiography continuing education seminar, and hopes to use that experience to help define the role of live 3D transesophageal echocardiography in veterinary medicine.

In addition to spending time with family and friends, Dr. Miller enjoys water skiing, traveling, listening to music, watching Ohio State football and running. She once completed a 5K while 6 months pregnant.


Music plays an important role in Dr. Miller’s life. She has experience playing piano, violin, saxophone and electric guitar, and attended heavy metal concerts when she was younger. She still jams out to “Hair Nation” from time to time.