Christopher Eich, DVM, DACVS

Throughout childhood he practiced and enjoyed various forms of art, and in college he considered majoring in graphic design. It’s therefore no surprise that Dr. Eich, along with many of his colleagues, consider surgery an art form and surgeons the artists who constantly strive to refine their craft.

Following undergraduate studies and during veterinary school at the University of Florida, Dr. Eich worked as an emergency veterinary technician. After earning his DVM in 1992, he completed his internship and residency at The Animal Medical Center in New York City before joining its surgical staff to concentrate on orthopedics and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Eich now specializes in surgical and non-surgical procedures for stifle and hip injuries, including arthroscopy, TPLO, TPO, SHO and regenerative stem cell therapy. He also is trained in total hip replacement techniques such as KYON and HELICA, and considers successfully treating wound and reconstructive cases especially satisfying.

Families and colleagues praise Dr. Eich for his compassionate care and commitment, which are evident in every case. This dedication is partly the result of being the father of a child who’s highly allergic to animals, which means there are no dogs or cats in the Eich household. The good news? Dr. Eich’s treats all patients as if they were his own adopted pets.


Between work, church and his sons’ school and athletic activities, Dr. Eich doesn’t have much time to spare. When he is afforded a few hours off, he enjoys meeting new people, fishing and gardening, particularly if it involves attending to his orchids, plumerias and bonsai trees.