Initial Visit

In most cases that are not Emergency/Critical Care situations, initial consultations are referrals from general veterinary practitioners.

Prior to your appointment, please call your veterinarian’s office to have copies of your pet’s pertinent records and test results sent to Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital by fax or email, or please bring copies with you. Feel free to call us the day prior to your appointment to make sure they have been received

Please ask when setting up your initial appointment if normal food and water are allowed for your pet the day of the appointment.

Please bring your pet with you to the initial consultation, which normally takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Following the examination and assessment by one of our specialists, a diagnostic and treatment plan will be prepared and discussed with you. In some cases, x-rays  or lab tests may need to be repeated, or additional tests may need to be performed. All of this will be discussed during your initial consultation.

You may be able to leave your pet for further tests or surgery the same day, depending on the procedures to be performed. However, please bring all medications and special foods that your pet may need in the event that an overnight stay at Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital may be required.

If hospitalization is needed, be assured that every effort will be made to make your pet comfortable. We offer pet beds, towels, blankets and pillows to provide a comfortable surface for your pet. We ask that you not leave anything with your pet other than food or medications as they may get soiled or misplaced during cleaning. We know how special these items can be, and we want your pet to have them when they come back home.


Upon completion of the consultation, your general practice veterinarian will be contacted by telephone and/or provided a comprehensive written report of your pet’s diagnosis and follow-up treatment options and recommendations.

Optimal patient care requires communication between pets’ families, veterinary specialist(s) and the referring veterinarian, and is vital to ensuring the continued good health of your pet.