Let Us Help You Help Them

At Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital, comprehensive and compassionate care for patients is our primary goal, complemented by a steadfast commitment to patients’ families, our colleagues and our vocation.

We realize and respect the fact that referrals from primary care colleagues form the foundation of our practice, and we strive to exceed their expectations every day. Our team supports colleagues by offering open dialogue, trustworthy diagnoses, and prudent suggestions for follow-up care. Our seven departments function as one unit under the same roof, equipped with technologically advanced tools and assisted by experienced technicians. Furthermore, we routinely participate in continuing education (CE) and research opportunities in order to stay at the forefront of our fields. For these reasons and more, Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital has been a trusted resource for primary care colleagues in Orange County and beyond for more than 25 years.

When a case requires the help of a highly trained expert, primary care veterinarians know they can depend on SCVSH. Let us help you help them.

Never Mistake Me for a Mainer!
To the inexperienced eye, the Norwegian Forest Cat may resemble other semi-longhaired breeds such as the Maine Coon. In fact, there is considerable difference. Large almond-shaped eyes, a triangle-shaped head and a striking, distinctive expression contribute to the unique appearance of the Norwegian Forest Cat.